Our Approach

We bring extraordinary resources to help you navigate rapid growth. We are there where and when you need us.

Our Strategy

Apex Capital Group provides operational and tactical support to our portfolio companies, on-demand. When you seek additional support to identify high-impact opportunities across sales, operations and infrastructure, we provide analysis and execution and then help transition newly developed tactics and operating approaches to your team.

Value Creation

Apex operates as a partnership across its core markets; sharing and leveraging resources, relationships and knowledge.

Smart Investments

Our smart investment approach means that we actively seek opportunities to create long-term, sustainable value.

Targeted Help

With the experience of assisting companies with their growth & understanding our partners industries in which we invest.

Our Experience

Our philosophy is founded on the belief that our competitive advantage derives from professionals working together, combining the benefits of local insight and deep-rooted relationships within a broader global perspective.

Investment Approach

We focus on the vision of how the company's value can be maximized. We work with you to develop that vision and we provide the support needed to realize it - financial, strategic or operational.

Our Role

Apex is not simply a passive investor. Our strategy is to add significant value by using our capital, financing expertise, and market knowledge to increase value and develop successful independent businesses.

Growth Capital & Buyouts

Apex Capital invests alongside existing management teams in established and growing businesses, often financed by a combination of equity and debt. From public-to-private transactions.

Client Focused

We work with management teams to carry out an early review of strategy, operations and organizational structure. This leads to a mutually agreed business plan on which our investment is based. We then provide specialist resources to support the implementation of this plan.